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Show Date: January 22nd, 2020
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Michael M. Moody
Founder and CEO
The Mx3 Group

Mike Moody was born in 1961 in Harlingen, Texas, the son of Wendell Moody, a career U.S.A.F. officer and navigator, and Marjorie Moody, homemaker. Michael is the founder and president of The Mx3 Group, Inc. a 40 year old special events and production company established in 1979.

He began his production career by independently producing family-oriented films as a co-founder of White Lion Pictograph, Inc, an independent film production company.

Mike is the owner of San Antonio Games2U the exclusive mobile entertainment franchises serving South Texas and www.DroneForceUSA.com, both subsidiaries of The Mx3 Group.

Michael has also facilitated as a contract Executive Producer for automobile manufacturers in their nationwide sales training product launches and sales training industry. Additionally, Michael extensive experience in the production side of the entertainment industry with credits as a film and television producer that include dramatic and documentary projects for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, TNT, HBO, The Discovery Network, The Disney Channel, The Family Channel, as well as dozens of national television commercials since 1979.

Michael is a voting member of the Screen Actors Guild, with credits as a stunt and precision driver in national commercials, TV Shows and feature films. Overall, Michael’s combination of an entertainment background and his production and automotive experience, an unique skillset, both behind and in front of the cameras, has allowed him to become one of the most versatile independent producers in the country.


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About the author:

I took early retirement in 1995 from Kodak and I have been in the real estate business since then. During my Kodak career my family lived in six states and we owned thirteen homes. I held positions as Food Trade Manager, Attractions Manager for Florida, Director of Sales Promotion, National Account Manager to HEB Grocery Company and National Sales Manager – US Military – Worldwide. In the twelve years since I retired from Kodak, I’ve been in the real estate business. My entry into the business was through two major agencies; one a local upscale boutique company and the other a very large local operation of a national franchise. I found both (plus most others in the business) to be more oriented towards gross sales and less towards taking care of the needs of the consumer. As a result, I formed my own company. I have three agents besides myself in the company and two staff personnel. Approximately ninety percent of our business comes from direct referrals plus we represent all of the relocating employees for three corporations. Each week I host the area real estate show, Real Estate Focus, on NewsTalk 930 KLUP, Saturdays at 11:00am. The show also streams live on my web site , http://www.HeartofTexasRealty.com and on http://www.KLUP.com. In addition, Bjorn Dybdahl, owner of Bjorn’s Home Entertainment, http://www.Bjorns.com and I host the San Antonio Movers and Shakers Show that airs at 10:00 am each Saturday from the same station and web sites. The real estate show deals with area real estate information and the SA Movers and Shakers show honors the education, business, civic, and public leaders who keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our city.

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