Managing Chair for C12 Group, Local Catalyst Mike Sharrow

Managing Chair for C12 Group, Local Catalyst Mike Sharrow

Managing Chair for C12 Group, Local Catalyst Mike Sharrow

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Show Recording: April 25th, 2015

“Managing Chair for C12 Group, Local Catalyst”

Mike Sharrow – District Director of C12 Group

Mike Sharrow is the managing chairman for the C12 Group of Central Texas, a CEO Round Table program where through a team of 6 full time chairmen, they are serving nearly 120 business executives in the area.  The C12 Group uniquely serves those owners and executive leaders of businesses who possess a Christian faith and are interested in making an enduring difference through the companies they steward.  Mike joined C12 in 2010 as a member, when at the time he was an executive pastor at Grace Point Church in San Antonio and also owned a healthcare strategy company, TQ Strategies.  In 2011 Mike exited his roles with the church and his prior business to take over San Antonio operations for the C12 Group, joining with his partner, Robert Vogel in 2013 to acquire the entire Central Texas territory spanning out to Kerrville, Georgetown, Seguin as well as the greater San Antonio metro area.  Mike moved to San Antonio in 2006, working with the Walgreen Company in a corporate role in the area of healthcare strategies and enterprise initiatives.

An Alaskan by upbringing, Mike received a BA in Business from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois and graduate studies at Loyola University of Chicago in project management.  Mike is passionate about collaboration among leaders and organizations to see good accomplished and subsequently is active in both board leadership and service project work with the Hand in Hand Foundation, Unicity San Antonio (collective impact/social innovation), 4KIDS of South Texas (foster care), Breakthrough Moments, Grace Point Church, and The Global Leadership Summit.

Mike is the first member in his family for 3 generations to not be active duty military (due to medical conditions), spanning every branch of the armed forces and coming to San Antonio was a return to familial roots since his mother was a USAF trainee at Lackland AFB and married in a small Catholic church in San Antonio.  He’s proud to be serving God by serving leaders of diverse types and stripes in San Antonio in a way that is yielding a significant impact across economies, families and local enterprise.

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