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Show Date: April 15th, 2020
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James A. Thompson
Automotive Entrepreneur
South Central Texas

JAMES A. THOMPSON is a dynamic and profit-driven executive with a diverse background and a broad range of proven skills that include the ability to:
• Manage startup of new business operations, turn around under-performing organizations into strong profit centers, develop and manage distributor ships, increase sales/market penetration, and implement capital assets management and controls.
• Recruit and build successful team players and provide the leadership that keep a multi-discipline team focused on organizational goals.
• Utilize effective and persuasive communication skills to negotiate contracts and maintain strong working relationships with business partners.
• Optimize corporate financial operations, manage acquisitions, enter new markets, and develop resources to maximize ROI.


Castroville Chevy 1

CASTROVILLE CHEVROLET, Castroville, Texas 9/15 – 8/17
GENERAL MANAGER/MANAGING PARTNER – Successfully turned around operations for this non-profitable dealership. Integrated the use of technology to computerize accounting, warranty, maintenance, and customer information.

• Initiated changes in policies and procedures and conducted comprehensive training for all management and non-exempt staff that focused on customer service and company policies and procedures.
• Worked with the sales team and created a new corporate culture that turned around performance in sales and CS.
• Increased monthly sales from 50 units to over 125 units.
• Sold interest in the dealership for an excellent return on the original investment.


NORTHSIDE FORD, San Antonio, Texas 10/00 – 9/15
VICE PRESIDENT/GENERAL MANAGER – P&L responsibility for dealership operations with supervision of 216 personnel and the hiring, training, and development of sales team members, finance and administrative personnel, mechanics, and technicians. Established policies and procedures for all operations and implemented comprehensive employee training with a focus on customer service.

• Increased sales and profitability and received formal recognition as the Most Profitable Single Point Dealership in the nation.
• Consistently ranked in the Top 50 in the nation out of over 4,000 dealerships.
• Successfully improved overall operations and increased pre-tax profits by over $2.2 million and negotiated contracts with the GSA that included:
• A two-year $450 million contract (2012 – 2014) that resulted in a $2 million net for the dealership
• A five-year $450 million contract (2006 – 2011) that earned over $20 million for the dealership
• A five-year $446 million contract (2001 – 2006) that earned $28 million for the dealership.
• Received the prestigious Blue Oval Certification from Ford Motor Company for outstanding overall operations – Service, Customer Satisfaction, and Profitability.
• Implemented new marketing and advertising strategies and developed Internet and Business Development Center.

Southpoint d

SOUTHPOINT PONTIAC, CADILLAC, GMC, JEEP, Munday Group, Austin, Texas 2/99 – 10/00
GENERAL MANAGER – Established an excellent record of performance for this large dealership with numerous responsibilities and managed over 185 personnel.

• Maintained an above average Customer Satisfaction Index.
• Developed and executed an aggressive marketing and customer service plan that resulted in an increase of over 300% pre-tax profit.

Perfformance Ford logo

PERFORMANCE FORD, Nashville, Tennessee 2/98 – 2/99
VICE PRESIDENT/GENERAL MANAGER – Recruited by the owner to turn around operations for this troubled store. Initiated comprehensive staff changes at key levels and focused on customer service, operations, marketing, and sales.

• Raised CSI to above group average.
• Eliminated losses in Service, Sales, Parts, and Body Shop.


NORTHSIDE FORD, San Antonio, Texas 3/95 – 2/98
P&L responsibility for dealership operations with sales of $125 million and 214 employees. Successfully improved overall operations and consistently maintained an annual profit of $3.8 million.

Supervised up to 115 personnel and controlled sales, leasing, and financing for new and used vehicles at the company’s main location and a satellite sales center located at the airport. Successfully improved CSI to well above average for the group and increased 1995 sales significantly above previous year.

INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, San Antonio, Texas 1991 – 1992
Provided management and marketing consultant services to various corporate clients. Specialized in business reorganization with a focus on restructuring for profitability to enhance potential for acquisition. Established an excellent record of performance in achieving stated objectives for several key clients.


PROFESSIONAL TELEPHONE SYSTEMS, INC., San Antonio, Texas 1982 – 1991
PRESIDENT/CEO – Founded the company as an alternative source for business telephone systems leasing in the wake of the divestiture of the Bell Telephone System. Developed a progressive marketing plan and aggressively developed vertical markets within the military, health care, defense contractor, education, tourism-affiliated service suppliers, media/communications, retail and city/county government. Recruited the marketing, technical and financial expertise that successfully positioned the company to generate over $4.2 million in revenue within the first two years. Established a clientele base of over 3,200 customers and expanded services from the initial interconnect concept to include FAX machines, Long Distance Services, Voice Processing Systems, Local Area Networks and small business computer hardware and software.





• A seasoned business traveler and willing to consider relocation.
• Commercial Pilot with over 6,000 hours of flight time; Multi-Engine & Instrument ratings.
• Ford Motor Approved Dealer Operator.
• Ford Advertising Board Member (2009 – Present).
• SAAD: Chairman (2013 & 2016); Board of Directors (2011 – Present); Treasurer (2014 – Present).
• Played a key role in the organization purchasing a building for operations
• TAD Board Member (2008 – 2012 & 2013 – 2014).
• Honorary Commander, 443 Airlift Wing, Texas

About the author:

I took early retirement in 1995 from Kodak and I have been in the real estate business since then. During my Kodak career my family lived in six states and we owned thirteen homes. I held positions as Food Trade Manager, Attractions Manager for Florida, Director of Sales Promotion, National Account Manager to HEB Grocery Company and National Sales Manager – US Military – Worldwide. In the twelve years since I retired from Kodak, I’ve been in the real estate business. My entry into the business was through two major agencies; one a local upscale boutique company and the other a very large local operation of a national franchise. I found both (plus most others in the business) to be more oriented towards gross sales and less towards taking care of the needs of the consumer. As a result, I formed my own company. I have three agents besides myself in the company and two staff personnel. Approximately ninety percent of our business comes from direct referrals plus we represent all of the relocating employees for three corporations. Each week I host the area real estate show, Real Estate Focus, on NewsTalk 930 KLUP, Saturdays at 11:00am. The show also streams live on my web site , http://www.HeartofTexasRealty.com and on http://www.KLUP.com. In addition, Bjorn Dybdahl, owner of Bjorn’s Home Entertainment, http://www.Bjorns.com and I host the San Antonio Movers and Shakers Show that airs at 10:00 am each Saturday from the same station and web sites. The real estate show deals with area real estate information and the SA Movers and Shakers show honors the education, business, civic, and public leaders who keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our city.

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