E. Robert Fanick

E. Robert Fanick

E. Robert Fanick

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Show Date: April 10th, 2019

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E. Robert Fanick
Manager, Emissions Chemistry Div.
Southwest Research Institute

E. Robert Fanick

— Research Chemist offering expertise in GLP laboratory requirements and procedures.
— Skillfully uses standardized and other internally developed chemical methods and analytical procedures to study components in exhaust emissions from vehicles and engines.


— Gas Chromatography
— Emissions Chemistry
— High-Performance Liquids
— Unregulated Emissions
— Chromatography
— Air Toxics
— Supervision
— Exhaust Emissions
— Management
— Fuel and Fuel Additive Registration


06/1977 to Current, Manager
Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX

Mr. Fanick began his professional career at Southwest Research Institute upon graduation. He is experienced in the development, characterization, validation, and measurement of specific tests for unregulated automotive and heavy-duty exhaust emissions. His procedural development work included instrumental analysis of various toxic and carcinogenic compounds such as hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen, hydrogen sulfide, various metallic additives, polynuclear aromatics, dioxins and dibenzofurans; and nontoxic compounds, such as nitrous oxide. He is responsible for BET surface area analysis and supervision of the chemical laboratory staff in the Department of Emissions Research and Development.

Mr. Fanick’s previous project experience includes the field measurement of exhaust emissions from more than 200 natural gas-fired turbines and spark-ignited engines used in natural gas transmission located in remote areas of the east coast, southern, and southwestern US. Additional field experience includes the measurement of exhaust emissions on an off-shore drilling vessel and on a crane used in ship building. He is involved with the chemical and physical analysis of catalyst material; light-duty vehicle certification of imported vehicles; diesel engine certification; animal exposure studies with dilute diesel exhaust; measurement of diesel particulates with total and split dilution; carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen analysis of diesel particulate; extraction of organics from diesel particulate; and the analysis of aldehydes and ketones from a variety of spark- and compression-ignition engines. He is also involved in the development of additives to improve the flame luminosity and other safety-related properties of neat methanol fuels, the evaluation of unique materials for high-temperature resistant diesel particulate traps, and the use of plasmas as aftertreatment for diesel particulate and NOx reduction. This work received international attention. More recently, he is involved with fuel and fuel additive registration, Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), the evaluation of Fischer-Tropsch fuels, the preparation of a synthetic diesel exhaust, and a number of other fuel and fuel additive related topics related to renewable diesel, bio-diesel, e-diesel, vegetable oil, and other advanced technology diesel fuels.

As an undergraduate at Texas A&M University under the direction of Dr. Marvin Rowe, Mr. Fanick conducted experiments on the oxidation and reduction of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic metals and metal oxides in a magnetic field. He coauthored several papers related to this subject which received national attentionAfter college and the Coast Guard, he work for Swift and Company, Church’s Fried Chicken, and the Turtle Creek Country Club.


Bachelor of Science: Chemistry
Texas A&M University – College Station, TX


American Chemical Society
Society of Automotive Engineers
Alamo Regional Academy of Science and Engineering


SwRI Mentor Award – 1999 and 2009
Outstanding Speaker Award – ASME International Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Division, 2001
2017 SAE Excellence in Oral Presentation Award (Beijing, China)
Fellow of the American Chemical Society – 2010
2014 Outreach Volunteer of the Year (San Antonio Local Section ACS)
E. Ann Nalley Southwest Region Award for Volunteer Service – 2016


Director of Judges for Alamo Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) and Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair (ARSEF)
Science Fair Judge For Over 35 Years,
International Science and Engineering Fair (INTEL ISEF) Judge since 2011 and Co-Chair (2108)

-I-SWEEEP Science Fair Judge

-ExxonMobil Texas Science Fair Judge

-Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair (ARSEF) Judge

-Alamo Junior Academy of Sciences Judge

-San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Science Fair Judge
-FFA State Agriscience Fair Judge

-Numerous Individual School Science Fairs
Past President of ARASE
Scientific Review Committee for ARSEF
High School Chemistry Exam
National Chemistry Olympiad (NCO) Exam
National Subcommittee to prepare NCO exam
National Chemistry Week speaker and demonstrator
Advisor 25 years for Chemistry Explorer Post 877 (Boy Scouts)
Career speaker for PRefreshman Engineering Program (PREP)
Keynote Speaker: Harmony Science Academy (twice)
St. Philip’s College Center of Excellence for Mathematics
Mentor and Coordinator for Project SEED since 1994 (Certificate of Appreciation – August 2018)
HAVEN home school Science Fair Judge and presenter
Board Member for Harmony Science Academy
Science Advisory Board member for Jay Science and Engineering Academy
United Way Chairman for Division from 1997 through 2007
Three time Chair of San Antonio Section of ACS
Education Chair for San Antonio Section of ACS (2003 – present)
Dr. Gloria Lyle Scholarship for Women review committee
Adjunct Professor at Trinity University (2016 – 2019)
Lifetime Contribution to Science Research – ARASE (March 3, 2019)

About the author:

I took early retirement in 1995 from Kodak and I have been in the real estate business since then. During my Kodak career my family lived in six states and we owned thirteen homes. I held positions as Food Trade Manager, Attractions Manager for Florida, Director of Sales Promotion, National Account Manager to HEB Grocery Company and National Sales Manager – US Military – Worldwide. In the twelve years since I retired from Kodak, I’ve been in the real estate business. My entry into the business was through two major agencies; one a local upscale boutique company and the other a very large local operation of a national franchise. I found both (plus most others in the business) to be more oriented towards gross sales and less towards taking care of the needs of the consumer. As a result, I formed my own company. I have three agents besides myself in the company and two staff personnel. Approximately ninety percent of our business comes from direct referrals plus we represent all of the relocating employees for three corporations. Each week I host the area real estate show, Real Estate Focus, on NewsTalk 930 KLUP, Saturdays at 11:00am. The show also streams live on my web site , http://www.HeartofTexasRealty.com and on http://www.KLUP.com. In addition, Bjorn Dybdahl, owner of Bjorn’s Home Entertainment, http://www.Bjorns.com and I host the San Antonio Movers and Shakers Show that airs at 10:00 am each Saturday from the same station and web sites. The real estate show deals with area real estate information and the SA Movers and Shakers show honors the education, business, civic, and public leaders who keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our city.

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