Brian Kelley, Ph.D.

Brian Kelley, Ph.D.

Brian Kelley, Ph.D.

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Show Date: October 23rd, 2019

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Brian Kelley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Assistant-Associate Dean Fellow
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Kelley’s Areas of Teaching Interest

Wireless and Digital Communications, 4G Cellular Systems, Smart Antennas, Statistical Signal Processing, Real Time Communications & Embedded Signal Processing, C++ Data/structures, Computer Arithmetic.

Dr. Kelley’s Areas of Research Interest

4G Cellular Communications, signal processing algorithms for wireless communications, 3G cellular, OFDMA, MIMO, ultra wideband communications, systems on a integrated circuit chip (SoC), digital radios, software definable radio (SDR), object oriented modeling of large scale communication systems, application specific DSP processors, system level design, and high speed computer arithmetic.

Selected Publications and Patents
  • Chang, S., and Kelley, B.T., ” Time Synchronization for OFDM-based WLAN Systems”, June 2003, IEE Electronic Letter, Vol 39, No. 13.
  • Kelley, B.T., “On Rapid Prototyping and Design of a Wireless Communication SoC—Delivered Conference Invited Talk”, 1999 IEEE ICCAD/ISSS conference, San Jose, CA.
  • Kelley, B.T. “Virtual Bandwidth Digital Receiver Conversion Signal Processor”, MOTOROLA Technical Developments Volume 33, pp. 65-68, December 1997.
  • Kelley, B.T. and Madisetti, V.K. “The Fast Discrete Radon Transform”, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 382-400, July 1993.
  • Kelley, B.T. and Madisetti V.K., “Efficient VLSI Architectures for the 1-D and 2-D Arithmetic Fourier Transform (AFT)”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol. 41, No. 1, pp. 365-384, January, 1993.
  • Kelley, B.T., and Madisetti V.K., “The Discrete Fast Radon Transform (FRT)”, IEEE 1992 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Vol. 5, pp. 3219-3222, San Francisco, CA.
  • Satish Kulkarni, Brian Kelley, “Reconfigurable Vector-FFT/IFFT, Vector-Multiplier/Divider for WLAN 802.11 with VLSI Micro-Footprint,” 2002, U.S. Patent #7,082,451
  • Brian Kelley, “Decorrelating Rake Receiver Apparatus and Method,” 2003, U.S. patent # 7,187,940
  • Kelley, B.T., Taubenheim, D., Johnson, D. “Temporally Adaptive Signal Classifier apparatus with Perfect Detection Capability”, 1999, U.S. patent #6,198,779
  • Kelley, B.T. and Johnson, David M., “Super Scalar Minimum Latency Wallace-MAC with Dual Accumulator Feedback”, 1998, U.S. Patent #5847981.
  • Rahman , S., Corleto, J., and Kelley, B.T., “On Chip Fine AFC Using CORDIC Angle Rotation for Digital Receivers”, 1996, U.S. patent #6,192,089.
  • Kelley, B.T., and Bonet, L., “Multiplierless VLSI ROM Mixer for High Rate Digital IF”, 1995, U.S. patent #6,233,287
Educational Background

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1992

About the author:

I took early retirement in 1995 from Kodak and I have been in the real estate business since then. During my Kodak career my family lived in six states and we owned thirteen homes. I held positions as Food Trade Manager, Attractions Manager for Florida, Director of Sales Promotion, National Account Manager to HEB Grocery Company and National Sales Manager – US Military – Worldwide. In the twelve years since I retired from Kodak, I’ve been in the real estate business. My entry into the business was through two major agencies; one a local upscale boutique company and the other a very large local operation of a national franchise. I found both (plus most others in the business) to be more oriented towards gross sales and less towards taking care of the needs of the consumer. As a result, I formed my own company. I have three agents besides myself in the company and two staff personnel. Approximately ninety percent of our business comes from direct referrals plus we represent all of the relocating employees for three corporations. Each week I host the area real estate show, Real Estate Focus, on NewsTalk 930 KLUP, Saturdays at 11:00am. The show also streams live on my web site , and on In addition, Bjorn Dybdahl, owner of Bjorn’s Home Entertainment, and I host the San Antonio Movers and Shakers Show that airs at 10:00 am each Saturday from the same station and web sites. The real estate show deals with area real estate information and the SA Movers and Shakers show honors the education, business, civic, and public leaders who keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our city.

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