Klaus Weiswurm, CEO, ITM, 7/13/2014

Klaus Weiswurm, CEO, ITM, 7/13/2014

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Listen to Klaus Weiswurm: July 13, 2014

In addition to running a successful engineering business for over 34
years, Klaus Weiswurm has a formal technical education and a
desire to innovate, he has maintained an active interest in the
development and application of new technologies for both research
and production requirements, 27 of these have been patented.
Klaus Weislvurm has also actively encouraged, promoted and
committed both his business and personal resources to several
business initiatives in the greater San Antonio area, including, the
san Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA), the Rotary club of
san Antonio, and the Schertz Economic Development commission,
The university of Texas at san Antonio college of Engineering, and
currently Chairs The Alamo Area Academies.
He has established scholarship programs at Texas A&h{ University,
Tarleton University, Wright State University, Central Texas
Technology Center (CTTC) and Canyon High School, providing
advanced education opportunities for many local students at those
institutions within the last ten years, many of which have received
multi-year scholarships. He and his wife are members of the Legacy
Fou ndation at Texas A&M university. He has also established
formal internship programs at ITM for selected high school students
who demonstrate a desire and capability for technology, innovation
and skilled trades.
A firm believer in the need for continuous improvernent, Klaus
Weiswurm has participated in the Masters Leadership Program of
San Antonio and Bexar County, a program lvhose mission is to
provide proven leaders the opportunity to learn about the issues and
needs of Bexar County, while encouraging the use of their skills for
the betterment of the community. Klaus Weiswurm is an active participant of, and contributor to, a
variety of organizations whose purpose are to improve the community.

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